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Psyche and Eros

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Orion Publishing



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199 x 129 x 32 mm


250 g

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'Every page is a breathless, swoonworthy adventure' Roshani Chokshi, bestselling author of The Last Tale of the Flower Bride'An enthralling tale of adventure, romance, and star-crossed lovers' Sue Lynn Tan, bestselling author of Daughter of the Moon Goddess'Evocative and lyrically spun, Luna McNamara's Psyche and Eros is a pure delight' Rebecca Ross, #1 internationally bestselling author of A River EnchantedA stunning, exciting and hotly-anticipated feminist retelling of one of the greatest love stories in Greek mythology!The greatest love story ever told...Born into an era of heroes, a prophecy claims that Psyche - Princess of Mycenae - will defeat a monster feared even by the gods themselves. Rebelling against society's traditions, she spends her youth mastering blade and bow, preparing to fulfil her destiny.But she is soon caught up in powers beyond her control, when the jealous Aphrodite sends the God of Desire, Eros, to deliver a fatal love-curse. The last thing Eros wants is to become involved in the chaos of the mortal world, but when he is pricked by the very arrow intended for Psyche, he is doomed to love a woman who will be torn from him the moment their eyes meet.Thrown together by fate, headstrong Psyche and world-weary Eros will face challenges greater than they could have ever imagined. And as the Trojan War begins and the whole of the heavens try to keep them apart, will they find their way back to each other... before it's too late?Luna McNamara's exquisitely written debut will appeal to fans of Madeline Miller, Jennifer Saint and Susan Stokes-Chapman.




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